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Liz Laughton is an

Experience Designer

Trust Bank, Singapore

Simply, an exceptional banking experience

Morrisons, UK

Navigating a pandemic to feed the nation

Alex Bank, Australia

Building a digital bank from scratch

End-to-end Customer Experience

Co-Founder and Head of Design

Creating Australia’s Largest Makerspace Network

Digital and UX Lead

“You will struggle to find a person more dedicated, more focused and more driven once she sets her mind to an objective”

Brent, Tech Lead, Alex Bank

“Liz is a beacon of insight, creativity and clarity.”

Natalie, Producer, Wunderman Thompson

“A problem solver examining every angle, keeping the customer at the centre of everything she does.”

Shadiyah Lim, Digital Producer, CommBank

Pixel Who?

Obsessed with design and technology from a young age, I have cultivated a dynamic career that spans many sectors including Finance, eCommerce, Health, Telecommunications, News, and Sports, across many businesses from nimble Series A start-ups to influential global agencies.

Beginning my career as a front-end developer, I quickly progressed to a Senior Design position before I discovered the world of User Experience. Nearly two decades in the digital landscape have solidified my commitment to unwavering values and a steadfast mission: collaborating with exceptional individuals to craft extraordinary human experiences.

In this fast-moving digital era, I continue to be fuelled by my genuine passion for what I do. Let’s create outstanding experiences together.

Let’s work together