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Feeding the UK during a pandemic

Harnessing digital to solve a variety of problems in existing processes and identifying opportunities for innovation.


As one of the UK’s leading supermarkets, the opportunity to respond at pace to the pandemic was vast. The digital and innovation department moved fast to ensure continued and improved service for all customers. This meant streamlining and improving existing experiences, and developing new solutions in the new environment.

My Role

As UX and Innovation Manager overseeing 15 digital platforms, I worked on various degrees of problem-solving projects as well as building new solutions in response to the pandemic. Provided leadership and mentorship to the UX and design team, ensuring consistency and clear direction.


Launched numerous initiatives over 14 months including subscription-based deliveries, contactless shopping solutions and a new loyalty program across both web and app. Promoted UX to stakeholders in a low-UX-maturity company resulting in increased work and team visibility.

Improving loyalty sign-up

  • Customer journey
  • Competitor analysis
  • User flows, wireframes & UI design

The existing loyalty program was made up of 28 steps. After re-assessing, I reduced to 12 steps from start to finish. I assessed the current flow with colleagues and customers, identified pain points and opportunities, and worked with product, tech and legal to define the improved journey. E2E completion rates improved by 32%.

Subscription services

  • Product definition workshops
  • E2E user flows
  • Wireframes and UI Design

Contactless delivery of food subscription services from your existing supermarket. Mobile-first digital platform ensuring ease of ordering recurring or one-off subscription boxes with the option of add-ons and upgrades.

Re-defining loyalty

  • Market analysis
  • Customer research and persona development
  • Wireframes, prototypes and UI design
  • Usability testing and reporting

With the existing loyalty program going through a transformation, we had the opportunity to re-position the loyalty offering across digital and re-engage our customers. We interviews customers, created personas, identified problems and opportunities, and defined the offering for each group, testing as we developed the solution.